Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The next day~

A couple of days ago, the weather was unseasonably sunny and warm, like a day in May. I reveled in the spring tease, while raking the canvas-like blanket of oak leaves off tender shoots-- pale and yellow--as in need of the sun as I am.

But I'd heard the forecast. A "wintery mix" was predicted was for the next day. More snow. Cold and grey . . . like one expects in February in Massachusetts.

This isn't going to last, I found myself thinking of the day's beauty. Too bad it's going to snow tomorrow. With the sweet sun warming my shoulders, I thought over and over, too bad it's going to snow tomorrow.

Until I caught myself . . . looking ahead, living in the future, instead of the here and now--the only moment in which we exist--the present.

So many times I've told my kids, "Don’t worry about tomorrow. Enjoy what you have right now. Don’t ruin today worrying about tomorrow" I managed to take my advice.

I spent the rest of the day examining the remains of winter through the lens of my camera, capturing faded, wilted, brown, and surprisingly beautiful, remnants of last summer fall--dried flowers and seed pods soon to be replaced by the buds already swelling on bare winter branches.

And the next day was full of its own fat-flake-swirling beauty. Nothing to complain about at all.
Live this day as if it will be your last. Remember, you only find "tomorrow" on the calendar of fools.~ Og Mandino


Pauline said...

at first I thought that second photo was of butterflies! lovely!

you are right - each day brings its own beauty and should be honored and appreciated for such

Rozel said...

LOVE the photo's. I was stuck in a plane on the tarmack waiting for my plane to be de-iced and the runway to be plowed of snow. It's just not right, I tell you! I want some sun!!!!!!!

Bob Sanchez said...

Hey Ruthiedee, your photos are always eye-catching, but for the first time I noticed the "Ruthiedee Photos" sig down in the corner.

I'm not sure about tomorrow just being on the calendar of fools, witty though that is. Planning for tomorrow can make it better when it becomes today. (You know, that thought seemed better before I typed it...now it feels trite. Oh well.)


Wanda said...

Your post is to perfect for me today. Finding out that I have breast cancer this week has forced me once again to live one day at a time. And by His grace, that is exactly what I plan to do.

Ruth, thanks for your words of wisdom!

The bottom photo is absolutely stunning!!!

LOL: Wanda

Pam said...

My daughter's health is not good so I feel for both her and Wanda with her comment above. Only last night when things seemed to be overwhelming for my daughter I tried to relay the "one day at a time" and "live for this moment" approach.Thank you for these good words, and gentle reminder Ruth.

RiverPoet said...

How true, how true!

My grandmother used to say, "Yesterday's gone. Today stays. Tomorrow never comes."

I never knew the wisdom of that until I was much older. Buddhism taught me to live in the moment. Be present - here, now! We are never guaranteed our next breath.

Enjoy your day - D

sc morgan said...

Nice, Ruth. I particularly like that quote of Og Mandino's. So true, so ture.

Lovely photos of the vestiges of winter, and the undeniable proof that spring will not be far behind.


Jo said...

That has always been my philosophy. I have never been a saver of mementos, and as far as the future -- "make a plan and God laughs".

That photograph is exquisitely beautiful...!

Pam said...

Thanks for visiting me and leaving lovely comments Ruth -much appreciated. I can almost hear those dried leaves scratch and rustle in that last photograph of yours!

Pam said...

..flower and seed pods I mean xx

Leslie: said...

I try to live by that saying as well, but sometimes it's hard not to want to hurry things along. Especially, if you're in the blahs because winter has been so long!