Wednesday, September 9, 2009

For Alice~ She's home!!!!!!!

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sometimes it's all about knowing that loved ones and friends stand behind you,
knowing that support is there on the down days,
the worry days,
the days when you feel off-center,
out of sync,
bedraggled emotionally,
and in pain,
but knowing all the while that you're not alone.

You're not alone...

Alice is an online friend--she lives in Hawaii-- who belongs to the writer's workshop that I do. We've only "met" online, but those who have online friendships know that they can be just as strong as those in-person relationships.

Alice was hit by a car while walking, and is in the rehab phase of things. She's working to regain mobility after a broken pelvis, a broken arm, and a broken nose. It's scary to realize how, in the blink of an eye, life can lurch and our plans for a time are displaced by survival and healing. We've all been there--the place where the road veers sharply and suddenly--and it is then that we see how much our friends mean to us.

Pohai Nani Good Samaritan Retirement Community
Weinberg Care Center Room
45-090 Namoku Street
Kaneohe, HI 96744

September 12 update... Alice says: Please tell everyone that I'm walking better and better. My physical therapist even let me try a cane instead of a walker and suggested that it might be better to use in the house instead of the walker. We're beginning to discuss logistics and I'm working harder and harder. Able to rise almost gracefully and get myself out of bed. Getting back in is another matter, not quite so elegant, but pain is at a minimum.

September 17 update... Alice is making good progress. She'll soon be able to go on "outings" with friends or relatives, and is looking forward to seeing the ocean again.

She writes: I do have a lovely piece of news - I'm moving into a private room! There are only two. Mine has a patio facing the forest that covers the hill behind Pohai Nani. The private room is my luxury. I do believe I've earned it.

It's probably easier to send any future snail mail to my home address. My husband, Sachi, brings it to me every day.

Alice Folkart
333 Aoloa Street #324
Kailua, HI 96734

September 20th update:
Dear Friends,

I still don't know when they're going to let me go home, but I did make a very pretty polymer-clay rose--pale pink--in occupational therapy(OT) yesterday. Clay play is good to improve dexterity in the broken-arm hand. In physical therapy(PT) I endlessly stepped up and down, down and up on a low step.This is supposed to get me ready for climbing stairs.

In addition to two hours a day of OT and PT, I walk and walk and walk, mostly with my walker but sometimes with my lovely new cane. There's not much of any place to go except round and round in the corridors or in tight circles in the little garden.You can't leave the building without setting off an alarm. So, I don't do that.

We have a black standard poodle here named Hoku. He is definitely NOT a therapy dog. He'll only go to people who have food preferably French fries. He's very naughty. I'm trying not to take him personally.

Wish I could give you some local color, but the big news here is when someone's doctor has increased
or decreased some blood pressure meds or maybe when someone has convinced the nurse that he really does need a suppository. Big news! Am loving my private room and my very own shower. That's it, what's big here.

Thank you all again and especially Ruth.

More later.

September 25th update: Alice is home!!!!!!!


Wayne said...

Just want you to know that Vickie and I are thinking about you, Alice.--Wayne and Vickie Scheer

Carter said...

We all miss Alice--she's a fine woman, and I for one want her up and around, feeling great, as soon as possible!

Pat Johnson said...

Alice, you are missed at IWW. I wish you a full recovery and look forward to hearing from you when you are ready.

Bob Sanchez said...

Hi Alice,
I fondly remember our phone conversation some months ago. Chatting with you was a delight.

Here's hoping you are making substantial and steady progress in your rehabilitation. Always remember you have friends cheering you on.


Jody Ewing said...


You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to your return to the workshop. We all miss hearing from you, but know if you take it just one day at a time (and one step at a time) you'll get here all the faster. You are one courageous woman and an inspiration.

Thank you, Ruth, for providing an outlet to leave messages for Alice, and for your beautiful flower and lovely words for our remarkable friend!


Grace Skibicki said...

Alice, I think of you frequently. I hope each week shows improvement, no matter how small it might be.

I'm keeping you in my prayers.

Thank you, Ruth for setting this up.


Gary said...


I hope you received the card. I've been thinking about you -- and sending good karma your way.

Soldier on, my friend. I know it's tough to see incremental steps, but soon you'll be skipping home.


Pauline said...

lucky Alice, despite her injuries, to have such good friends...

Diane said...

Hello Alice,

I miss you and your exceptional words on the IWW. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I'm sure that despite the pain, you are not only working toward complete mobility again, but are gathering stories. Keep on keepin' on.

Dee (Diane)

Gish said...

Keep working, Alice. We're all thinking of you back here at the list, with lots of support and encouragement.

Ok, reading that back, that sounded kind of lame. But you know what I mean. *grin*


Janice Thomson said...

I'm always amazed at the sincere compassion found online. Best wishes to your friend Alice. May her recovery and healing be strengthened by the bond of caring friendship that surrounds her.

Rasana Atreya said...

Hi Alice,

Greetings from India.

May you recover fast and get back to IWW asap.


evelyn.ellis said...


I've been thinking of you often. I quite missed not being able to send mails as I did to the other hospital.

Keep up the good work. I'm sure it's tedious - if not painful - but a little progress each day will bring you step by step to recovery.

All the best. Evelyn Ellis, Australia

Doreen said...

Hi Alice!
I was so sorry to hear about your accident but I'm very very glad to hear you're in recovery. Get well soon!
IWW is missing you for sure. Your comments and emails when I first joined the group were very welcoming and always encouraging.
Thank you for being such an inspiration to others, and I hope you are just as inspired right now. Stay strong and keep on moving!

I can see you getting lots of story ideas and can't wait to see you back on the list. Take care and know we are thinking of you and wishing you well always.

Doreen :)

Ann Hite said...

Hi Alice:

You are in my thoughts more than you know. My youngest daughter was hit by a car on August 26th. She is recovering beautifully, but I do understand that in a matter of minutes your whole life can change in ways you never thought possible. It also becomes crystal clear what is important and what isn't. Like you, we are struggling to put this behind us, but I do believe my family will always keep a little part of this struggle tucked inside. In this place we grow character.

I know you too are growing. I can't wait to see you back on the list. My family and I send our deepest encouragement. You go girl!

Ann Hite

sc morgan said...

Hi Alice

I miss your yahoos and your poetry and I miss YOU.

I'm waiting for the day when you post your biggest yahoo of all: that you are home and feeling yourself again.

Best of luck to you. I know that rehab is hard hard work. It is a big investment of time and energy , but hang in there and push on for the most while you are there. It will pay off in huge dividends later on.

Thinking of you every day,

Sarah Morgan

Karyn said...

Hi Alice,

There is a hole here in our online group. I learned so much from you and your writing--I miss you and your posts.

I think of you and wish you strength. Know that you are in so many hearts.

Best Wishes
Karyn Hall

Peg F. said...

Hi Alice!

I've been thinking about you. Many of us have. I know rehab can be agonizingly slow. I watched and waited when my youngest son was injured. But it's worth the sweat and effort. Hang in there! You have lots of friends cheering you on and sending good Karma you're way.

Can you feel it? I hope so and even if you can't in the difficult moments, know that it's there.

Keep the faith and get well soon!

Victoria Mixon said...

Hi Alice,

I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you! I hope you're making progress and beginning feel better. I spent a long time in and out of the hospital many years ago, and I know it's like another world. It will get better. You will get your life back again. I swear.


sagha said...


I'm praying for your speedy recovery. I know it can be hard. Remember you are not alone.

Serene Taleb-Agha
(from IWW and Damazine)

Kortney said...

Alice!!! You are much missed and much thought of during this delicate time in your recovery and in your absence. I am praying for your speedy recovery and relishing in all the good times and great stories shared with you in the meantime - hope to hear some great news of your healing soon.

evelyn.ellis said...


Another sultry Saturday in Townsville. I've just finished doing windows (I luv doing windows - NOT) so thought I'd sit at my computer and send you a message.

You can see by all the posts that we miss you heaps. Onwards and upwards, my dear.


Frances Mackay said...

Hi Alice, how great to be able to contact you, thanks Ruth. I keep thinking of you, all the experiences you will have to write about now, and the lovely slant you can put on them to make them specially yours.
Mind you, I'm still snakey about you outdoing my kangaroo caper :>)
Hope everything isn't too awful and you are progressing well. Thinking of you and looking forward to getting you back on board. Frances

Linda said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers to Alice that she has a quick and successful rehab and that she's back on her feet again soon.

You are so right that on-line friends are still some of the finest friends out there.

Anand said...

Hi Alice,

God put us to test often. Once you pass the test, there will be a reward.
You are going to achieve something big in your literary life.

Wishing you speedy recovery,

Anand Sairam Rainman

manchand said...

Hi Alice,

We are all missing you here. I pray for your recovery. Come back I am waiting for your crits and writing. It is boring here without you.


Anonymous said...

Look forward to your return to IWW. It's not the same without you. Keep putting one foot in front of the other ... the baby steps do add up to recovery. You remain in my prayers.

Ginny Wagner

J.C. Harthill said...

Dear Alice--

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Friend. You've got a world full of people pulling for you.

I so miss your encouraging critiques, and wonderful subs on IWW.

You are strong. Keep plugging away.

All the best,
Julie McGuire

evelyn.ellis said...

Hello Alice

Great to read your post of September 12 and to hear that you are making progress. From the sounds of it you are getting closer to going home. Expect you're hanging out for that day.

Small yahoo for me - I had an acceptance from Long Story Short Ezine for their January edition. Thanks to your encouragement I feel more confident in submitting pieces.

Cheers, Evelyn

Norman Thomas Cooper said...

Greeting from Texas!!!


I'm happy to hear things are progressing for you. We can't wait for your triumphant return to the Practice list.

Keep on keepin' on!


evelyn.ellis said...

Hi Alice

It must be really nice to have a private room, with a patio and a view. It would make you think that you were in a resort - now where is that waiter with my pina colada? ;)

Glad to hear that you're doing well and looking forward to getting out and about.

Cheers, Evelyn

Frances Mackay said...

Sounds as if you are doing well, Alice. What a relief. Things will only get better. When you are on that damn step thingo imagine you are one of those glam models on the teleads. Flex them muscles, move that butt. Oh and to win that Poodle you have to pretend you couldn't give a damn. Works for me. Best of everything

Ruth D~ said...

Welcome home, Alice! Bet it feels great!

sc morgan said...

Hi Alice!

Bet you had to get out of rehab just so you could answer all this MAIL. ;-)

So glad you are home. I find great comfort surrounded by familiar things and routines. I'm sure you do too.

Take care and continue the work.

all the best


Alice Folkart said...

How do I thank everyone, especially you, Ruth? You've all been with me every minute of the way. I've been at home nearly two weeks, and only just thought to look at the BLOG, and there you all were! So, please let this be an expression of gratitude to all of you - with my present slow typing speed I'd never thank you all otherwise.


I'm a bit better each day. I can walk a little farther, I can roll out of bed a little more easily, I can reach a bit higher and I can almost reach my right armpit with my left hand (important when showering - right now I still have to reach up with the soapy wash cloth monkey-wise with my right hand to my right armpit). I'm making re-entry into 'real life' very slowly. Highlights of my week are my two appointments with my physical therapists -- I get to go out and see people walking around, waiting for buses, riding bikes, reading the paper at the local coffee house - all signs of normal life. I am not yet cleared to drive -- my doctor will have to sign off on that, on the advice of the therapists. Having to ask my husband to take me any place I'd like to go slows things to a crawl - the other day I asked him to drop me off at a movie theater and pick me up when I called after the movie. 'Why do you want to go to a movie?' he asked. 'Because I like movies, and I'm tired of reading, and I can barely type--so writing's not much fun.' He then lectured me on all the wonderful things I have at my disposal - TV! You've got TV. And books. And you could write by hand. And maybe you should try ironing . . .' (Marriage almost ended right there.) But, back to the movie - I waited a few days and then rephrased my request - "Hey, how'd you like to go to the movies with me?" And it worked - no problem.

Much of my time is taken up with doing the exercises assigned by my PT and with walking. I'm up to two blocks and am sure I could go three - which would mean around the corner to the supermarket, and there lies a whole 'nother world. That will be a very big deal - I can rent movies, I can get cash out of the ATM, I can choose my own food . . .

Other triumphs - climbing the stairs (all bathing facilities in our house are on the second floor - I've been taking birdie baths) - I just went up them (inelegantly hauling myself up the banister) and straight into the shower -wonderful. And the stairs also give me access to my writing studio which also includes all of my files, personal, writing and family, so I can finally tidy up the growing piles of paperwork.

And, that's as much typing as I can do today. I hope that some of you notice that a 'new comment' has been added. I've missed you all and deeply appreciate all of your messages.

Love and Aloha,

Carter said...

Alice, I can't think of anything that's better news!

All those mundane things--taking a shower, going to the movies, seeing people in their daily comings and goings--we all do them and don't even think about them. It sounds as if in a few weeks you'll be one of us again, just getting on with life!

Keep working! We need you back!


Alice Folkart said...

Thanks, Carter - I'll get back as soon as I can, I do miss it. In the meantime, I just made chicken soup (not as good as usual, but good enough). It's medicine, you know. I also did a load of wash today - very big deal!
Thanks for the encouragement.

And thanks to Pat, and Bob and Wayne too, and everyone else.