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Nine Eleven, revisited~

Those of us who lived through the 9/11 attacks...
the World Trade Center,
the Pentagon,
the plane crash in a Pennsylvania field, a sacrificial effort by citizens aboard to avoid the White House
...each have our own story to tell.
I was teaching a captive audience of fifth graders at Hanover Middle School when my classroom door cracked open and a colleague beckoned me to the hall.In a whisper, she told me a plane had hit the World Trade Center Tower, then cautioned me not to tell the kids.
I walked back into the classroom, dazed, scared, confused, making an attempt to cover the churning emotions, the fear.
Knowing so little...
the first tower had not yet collapsed,
the second plane had not struck, was easy to imagine that this was an all out attack on the country, the beginning of a war on our continent.

In hindsight, it was.
I was with a group of teachers huddled in the library office, staring the dusty TV on its rolling cart, watching the scene unfold. We stood in horrified sile…