Thursday, March 26, 2009

Of giants and flying~

Driving home after lunch at a local steak house, my son and I were quiet. My mind wandered. I looked out the window at the naked trees--stiff, brittle, and woody-- but in the late sunlight the bare branches somehow looked soft as grass. Wispy. A giantess could dip the branches into mud makeup and apply color to her humungous cheeks with a tree, I think.

I asked David, "If a giant--a really huge one--were standing in the woods, would the trees feel soft to him?"

"What do you mean?"

"Would the trees feel soft to someone so much bigger than they are? The way moss feels soft to us?"


"Mosssssss, " I say. "If something very tiny were driving through a moss forest, the moss might feel stiff and tree-like, even though it's soft to us."

"Why would the giant have to be so big, Mom?" he asks, and I think he doesn't understand.

"He has to be big enough to step on trees," I say.

"There are some very small things we could step on that would feel sharp. Like thistles. It's not about the size. It's about what things are made of."

He's right. If giants step on a tree, they better be wearing boots. Trees would be sharp, even for giants. Massive splinters!

When we pull into the driveway, Dave says, "What super-power would you rather have? Being invisible or able to fly?"

I picture my mid-life body struggling to stay afloat in the air while I frantically flap my arms. Who wants the neighbors to see that?

"Can I be invisible while I fly?"

"No. One or the other."

"Then definitely invisible," I say. "Besides, I'm afraid of heights."

"Well, you wouldn't need to be if you could fly, " he says.

That's logical.

And I suppose if I could fly I wouldn't need to flap my arms frantically, I think. I'd soar effortlessly. But I don’t change my mind. Invisible is better. More useful.

Back to reality, when we get in the house Dave goes down stairs to study for a poly-sci test. He'll drive back to campus tomorrow.

I make tea, and think some more. I love taking to Dave. He's fun. He humors me. He gets me. He'll talk about giants. And super powers.

We all need at least one person in our life who does that.


Linda said...

Good question about giants and trees but your Dave is quite right about it - trees are made of sterner stuff than moss.

I think I'd go for invisible myself as there are days when I feel like that anyone! Also, I'm not real keen on heights either so even though it would be great to see things from a bird's eye view, I think I'd rather sneak around and climb trees!

Marijke said...

Hi Ruthie,

It is lovely to dream and to dream with someone :)
BTW Flying, not in an aeroplane, but with a paraglider or hang glider is everything you dream it to be and more. (You are only afraid of heights when on the ground).
I don't think I would like to be invisible, Life is difficult enough :(

Pauline said...

This little glimpse into your life with your son makes me smile. It's all about connections, isn't it?

Barry said...

Excellent, Ruth. And it reminds me: When I was a young man, I sometimes used to dream of flying. I had no wings and it was hard, tiring work, but a few hard flaps of my arms and up I went, rising above the garage, lifting over the trees and power lines until I was free, looking down on the neighborhood.

Not much else happened, but just being there was enough. I usually woke up then, wishing I were still back in my dream...

Ross Eldridge said...

This was kind of fun ... I miss this kind of conversation. A bit dreamy about dreamy things.

I used to wonder if giants in the Universe might stride across it, and a heel rest on our whole earth. Not so bad, perhaps, the sneeze of some Cosmic Giant sending us all flying to Alpha Centauri.

Lesson, perhaps, is to be careful where WE step, and where we fly, and what we lean on!

I don't dream of flying often now, and I never had to flap my arms/wings, and I always "flew" upright, facing where I was going, often at considerable speed, hardly aerodynamic, but in dreams physics doesn't always matter I guess.

British Summer Time begins tonight! Soon enough it will still be light as midnight approaches, and light again before four in the morning. Hurrah!


Bob Sanchez said...

Your son is right about the trees. Listen to your son, Ruth.

In my dreams, I fly now and then. It's amazing; I can hover a foot off the ground and go anywhere or fly a couple thousand feet high with my arms outstretched

That's my preference. Were I invisible, the temptation for mischief would be too great for a person of my weak character. So flying it is.


Wanda said...

I love the way you and Dave think and converse.... I have a Dave in my life, my son Myk...we have similar conversations... I didn't realize how special they are until reading your wonderful story.

The pictures you posted to tell your story are perfect.

You are so gifted with words Ruth.

Love and Hugs

Tere said...

Seems as if he has inherited your imagination and fascination with the world. It's nice to have someone around that understands and participates. Fun!

Carter said...

I like Dave--and his mother. :-)

You have wonderful flights of fancy! Stay visible, please.


Ruth D~ said...

Loved the responses, and the flights of fancy you all took in response to mine.

RiverPoet said...

Lovely post, Ruth!

I have similar conversations with my son. It's wonderful when someone pushes us beyond our regular, comfortable thought patterns.

Peace - D

Jen said...

I really loved this post, smiled the whole way through....

Let's get together soon.


Alice Folkart said...

I'm with you Ruth, Invisibility. Besides, I'm pretty sure I could fly if I had the right costume and the right attitude. But, the thing in the Harry Potter stories that I like best is the 'cloak of invisibility,' and how if you don't hold it around yourself just right, your feet show . . .You're lucky in your son. My son is a little like that too. We can talk utter nonsense and make it sound logical without even cracking up.
Very nice post.