Friday, February 19, 2010

POLL: This Woman feels sorry for Tiger. Is she sane?

I have mixed feelings about Tiger Woods.

If Tiger were Joe Schmoe, would I care what he does in his spare time? Not at all. By the same token, I don’t much care what Tiger does in his.  And there were plenty who didn’t care what President Clinton did in his free time, either.

If I were Tiger’s wife… well, if I were his wife, I wouldn’t be his wife any more. Money and the good life be damned. But then, I never loved him like Elin has, and I haven’t had a chance to see how much being a multimillionaire might change my mind. So who knows, really?

What happened is between Tiger and Elin… and by default, his children, who are blessedly too young to absorb what’s transpired. At the present, anyway.

It’s not for me to judge. I wasn’t primed for fame from age three. I wasn’t blessed with (cursed with?) the power, money, and good looks to send men flocking to my feet. It’s easy for me to sit in my living room, with my cat purring on my lap, and shake my head at Tiger’s indiscretions, but what if I were a gorgeous golfer who traveled the world?  I doubt I'd earn the nickname “Tigress” but still…

And then there’s the question: Which is worse? Screwing around with 20 women once or twice each? Or taking one life-long lover that you sleep with 20-40 times? Pick your poison if you’re the unknowing spouse.

After Tiger’s public apology the pollsters began gathering data: Do you think Tiger is “sincere?”


How would anyone know? He’s clearly of capable of deceiving. You have to at least appear sincere to have umpteen lovers and a devoted wife at the same time. It’s an art form, appearing sincere.

And now people are not only judging Tiger’s sex life, but also his apology.

Headlines scream:

“Body-language experts divided on Tiger's speech”
“Watch His Apology, Get Celebrity Reactions & Share Your Thoughts Now”
“POLL: Tiger's Speech: Perfectly Professional or Too Cold?”
“Do you think Tiger Woods did enough today to put the scandal behind him?”

And what even weirder is that ...  I Googled “Tiger’s speech” and the page refreshes constantly. Every thirty seconds. This is big. Wag the dog? Or just vicarious thrill? Or righteous indignation?

Oh, boy.

I feel sorry for Tiger.

“POLL: Woman feels sorry for Tiger. Is she sane?


Wanda said...

Ruth, what an interesting article on Tiger. I watched TV and know the reactions are so varied.

What he did was so wrong, but I don't sit in the judge seat.

It makes me think of a scripture that remind us.... We are all capable of terrible doing terrible things, and except by the grace of God, I could be there too.

It will be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out.

Wanda said...

Should have proofread my comment...sorry for the mistake but you know what I was trying to say.

Ross Eldridge said...

Hi there, Ruth,

I'm home today, so I switched on the Sky-TV News first thing and it was all analysis of Tiger Woods's apology, and commentary on the newspaper front pages which are all, today, apparently, devoted only to Tiger's little speech.

What astonished me was to hear that Tiger's speech was immediately fed into the TV, live, in the USA. The sort of coverage of something the President might be doing ... "I'm declaring war on ..."

Were there crowds stopped in the streets watching giant screens? Did people gather in shops that sell TVs? Were all work computers suddenly tuned to Tiger? Did the Stock Market indices bobble about?

Would I forgive Tiger if I was somehow called upon to do so? What he did is not at all unusual (in smaller quantities at least) ... To the best of my knowledge, Tiger Woods never stood up and preached fidelity and morality for a living ... he whacked golf balls rather well most of the time. I gather he had a temper on the links ... That's not good ... anywhere ... but he is a "perfectionist".

I guess those with inherited, "old", money are just in character when they lie and cheat on their partners. The nouveau riche are not forgiven, mainly because (of course) we really envy them their riche ...

I agree with you, Ruth, in feeling rather sorry for Tiger. His life isn't his own, never has been (since age 3), and everyone wants a piece of him.

From snowy Northumbria ...


Pauline said...

Saner than those who profess to know what is "really" going on in the man's mind. Your questions and observations are kinder as well, something the obsession with the private lives of public people has erased in many.

Rozel said...

It's the news. I disdain the news (and yet I watch it). I feel bad that reporters wont let him move on, that they won't leave his wife alone and that they won't leave his kids slone. I certainly don't want my past mistakes to define my future and I REALLY don't want my past mistakes to be headline news. I mostly feel sorry for his mother, wife, kids and close friends who love him and have to hear about his mistakes.

Gary said...

El Tigre is in the public stocks because he is a manufactured creature. For years, the Swooshmeister (world class athlete, handsome husband to beautiful wife, doting father) has told us to buy product (Buicks, Tag Heuer watches, shaving cream).

But The Emperor Has No Clothes and He Is Apparently in the Beds of Assorted Women.

"And so it goes," said Mr. Vonnegut.

My favorite comment about these Affairs of the Sheet came from a politician about the time of Clinton peccadillo. He was asked what his wife would have said if he'd been caught like young Billy.

"All I would have heard is 'How do I reload this thing?'" he replied.

Ruth D~ said...

All of the above comments are well said. My feeling bad for Tiger doesn't preclude feeling bad, and even more so, for his wife and children. Anyone he needs to sincerely apologize to probably already received a personal word from Tiger. What we saw on TV was damage control for, as Gary notes, the image and the money that pulls (pulled) in.

I recognize that he brought this on himself... but that still doesn't stop me for feeling bad for him... and all those he hurt, although, he's hurt himself more than he's hurt anyone else, I think. And the inordinate focus on him is... well, inordinate.

Linda said...

At some point, someone in the media needs to take some responsibility and say "ENOUGH!" Unfortunately, though, they will keep running Tiger over the coals until a scandal of more epic proportions comes along. They did it with Anna Nicole Smith, they did it with Michael Jackson, and they're doing it with Tiger Woods.

Like yourself, I feel rather bad for the guy because he can't even get the privacy to deal with his transgressions just between he and his family - it's all over the news and everyone has an opinion.

My opinion is leave the guy alone and move on. Unfortunately, my opinion doesn't count!

Duchess said...

I think if I were Tiger's wife, and didn't want to throw him over (which would, of course, be a valid response to his behaviour), I would encourage him to go back as soon as possible to doing what he is good at. But I would be on the tour too. So I also feel sorry for him, because I don't think that is what is happening.

I wandered over from Boomer Chronicles. I spend a lot of time looking for engaging blogs -- and seem mostly to be in a cul-de-sac -- so am very happy when I find a well written one.

Thanks for returning the visit!

Tere said...

I love your words about this situation - very fair and balanced.

What amazes me these days is the number of celebrities and politicians that do this public apology thing. I feel like it has become part of the spin, a result of so many people these days that feel the need to demand an apology from those they feel have wronged them.

If Tiger had done this unscripted and heartfelt in the days or week after the incident, I would have a little more respect for him. He hid out for so long that now it feels like he is trying to "buy" his way back. Self-reflection and his need for privacy should be respected and I agree with him on that, but at this point, I think he should have continued to travel that road, staying private and bit discussing it in public.

Ultimately, I do not really care what Tiger does in his personal life. I'm not married to him and I don't buy products because he is in an advertisement. But I hope his actions are a lesson for those out there, in any walk of life, that feel they are entitled to behave outside the "rules" society sets for ethical and moral behavior. You will get caught. Make the right choice.

Wow - I guess I felt more passion about this than I thought!

Ruth D~ said...

I guess the thing is, Tere? I figure he's already apologized to those to whom it matters. The rest is for the public image, and how sincere can that be, really? Reminds me of when teachers and parents say, "Shake hands and apologize."Never sincere, and shouldn't be the way people apologize. The media drives things these days.

Russell said...

Enjoyed your thoughts about Tiger. I agree that I have had enought Tiger Talk to last me forever.

I share your thoughts about the situation. Your observation about some man having 20 mistresses versus one life long one is very perceptive. I guess once you dip your pen in such ink, well... the mark is made.

I won't ramble but will just say I did enjoy finding your blog.

Take care.

20th Century Woman said...

Perhaps there's something not quite normal about me, but I just plain don't care what celebrities do with their sex lives. I find these people boring, and I often can't tell one from another. I also don't care what politicians do with their sex lives, except when they moralize about the other party's politician's sex lives.

On the other hand, I can get quite interested when people I actually know misbehave.

visco said...

I don't know exactly how to react to the person who nvr respect to women. Honestly, I wouldnt try to be a godes by not judging, because for me it is not judging but the truth--the fact!

Nishant said...

I won't ramble but will just say I did enjoy finding your blog.
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