Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snowman's last hurrah~

When Christmas was over and I packed up the decorations for another year, I decided not to put the snowmen away. I wasn't quite ready to go from Christmas to normal overnight. It was winter after all, a very snowy one. And I happen to love snowmen.

Today with spring's official arrival only two weeks away, I decided to gather up the snowmen and pack them away. One was wearing a scarf of ivy that was stretching in the springlike sun. Enough already. Enough shoveling the driveway, enough four wheel drive, and boots, and ice sidewalks. Enough of the ugly gray patches of snow that edge the roadways. I'm done with snowmen no matter how cute their cheery faces.

Maybe when they're in storage winter will recede. Not that I blame my collection of icy men for the weather, mind you. But I'm ready for new green growth, nesting birds, and green grass.

Mother nature with her quirky sense of timing, however, has more snow planned even as I pull snowmen from their perches and set them on the stairs before boxing them up.

New England is braced for the storm that is coming up from the south, coming from places that shouldn't see snow at all, let alone on March 1st. But March persists in doing her lion thing no matter how ready we all are for the lamb.

And yet, I have the weather station on and I delight in the Doppler radar image for my area. I've always loved storms. Always got excited about the chance of a no school day. For me, all days are no school days now, but my son and his girl friend came home from their colleges for the weekend and I can feel their hope that classes will be called off tomorrow.

And I'm pulling for them.

Bring it on! This too will melt!

Spring always comes sooner or later.


Pauline said...

The phone call just came that all area schools are closed due to inclement weather. There will be enough snow for several more snowmen before Spring is finally declared. I will make mine with one arm waving goodbye to winter and one stretched out to welcome Spring!

Ross Eldridge said...

Hi Ruth,

I've never heard of anyone collecting snowmen, but it makes sense to have them out and about for more than the Twelve Days of Christmas. For a start, how often does one come across a snowman at Christmas ... they are winter creatures.

Still, nice to declare it spring.

We have snow supposed to move into the Highlands of Scotland tomorrow and to cross into Northumbria too, but on "higher ground" ... Cool sunshine most days and Amble, with me just yards from the North Sea, can be rather windy and if one doesn't shelter the sun doesn't warm all that much. But I have managed a few afternoons in the garden of a friend where Cailean can run loose (fenced in) and I drink coffee and watch birds that I don't know the names of.

My niece had what would have been my parents' first great-grandchild last week, so I'm a doting great-uncle. My sister arrives in England to inspect her first granddaughter next week, so looking forward to her coming up to see me. Baby. Spring.

May your snow and the melting be timely!


RiverPoet said...

Aha! So this is all your fault! Friday night, 59 degrees; Monday morning, wind chills of 0!!! :-)

Seriously...I am so ready for spring, even though in MD, we had a very unsnowy winter. I just love seeing all the things blossoming and blooming, shooting up from the ground and sprouting from the trees. It beats snowmen any day of the week, yes?

Peace - D

Janice Thomson said...

That is a neat and unique idea to keep snowmen out for a long time.
Saw on the news that this winter across Canada is the longest and coldest for twenty some years. I will appreciate spring so very much this year.

sc morgan said...

So, Ruth, is putting the snowmen away a bit like washing the car, making it rain?

I have friends who collect all manner of things, but I think this is the first I've heard of anyone collecting snowmen. The ones you photographed are very cute.

How long have you been collecting these little guys? I notice none are chipped from little hands––when your kids were growing up–– so maybe it's a newish thing. Regardless, I love it.

I have fetishes, too, but mostly for found objects, and then I strip them from my shelves when they remind me that dusting is NOT a favorite chore of mine.

Here in Punta Uva the cold weather persists, although "cold" means in the high 60s and low 70s. It has been raining off and on for weeks on end now. Spiders and mold have been keeping me busy, so I am ready for full-on sunshine and heat. s

Bob Sanchez said...

Ruth, your sunny attitude will melt the snow!


Wanda said...

Love your collection of Snowmen! I especially love the sunny ivy snowman waiting for Spring...

I have flowers blooming now, and lots of little birds.... I'm loving it!

rain said...

I don't see a spec of dust on those snowmen...hrrmph. We had a huge unexpected dump of snow this was traumatic...(and hello stranger).