Thursday, February 14, 2008

Marketing love~

Ah, Valentine's Day!

What better way to show love than to rush onto a store on the way home from work to choose from thousands of cards, one that expresses just the right sentiment. Sign it in the car if you can find a pen in the glove compartment, or hide it under your coat until you get in the house where you hastily scrawl your name before presenting it with candy and a kiss.

The parking lot at the local CVS store in Bridgewater was jammed this evening. There was a mob in front of the Valentine cards. The registers had long lines.

We like to think we are independent, nobody tells us how to think. Yet, like Stepford wives-- and husbands-- we heed the Hallmark message and follow the stream of people to the card rack to choose from thousands, the one card that expresses just the right sentiment. We earnestly read the messages of cards mass produced to send the same sentiment to thousands until we find the one that matches the mood of the relationship.

Long married couples have it down. Keep it simple. It's the everyday love that matters most. A peck on the cheek will do if the relationship is solid. If it isn't, anything done on February 14th is like frosting a mud pie.

The newly marrieds and dating couples look upon this day with anticipation. Romantic visions still untarnished by practicality, they set standards they'll lower three children and a second mortgage later.

Singles see it as a day to slog through without succumbing to the poor me, I'm all alone mood.

Valentine's Day is one day out of 365, that grew through the centuries to become the day to buy "stuff" to show how much we care. Tomorrow, and the other 364 days will reveal the truth about our love.

And yes, I bought cards and candy for hubby and kids. It's what we do to show our love.
“Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” ~Robert Heinlein


Lisa said...

Happy belated Valentine's Day! Such pretty roses!

I found out that it's not a good idea to badmouth your spouse. 'cause you never know when he's going to surprise you.

Have a great weekend, Ruth!

Barbara said...

It's rather nice to have a day all about love. It really takes just a small note or card to convey our gratitude for love shared with someone else.

Tere said...

The vision of your CVS experience was so true. And yes, I have been there many times. I loved your line "like frosting a mud pie".

Wanda said...

Talk about old married couples. My husband and I were sitting at home, forgetting it was Valentines Day as we had shared out cards that morning...decided to go to our favorite little cafe for homemade soup and were astonished to see lines of people..we looked at each other and laughed...Oh it's Valentines Day. Went inside and got it to go....had a nice evening at home.

Lots of Love enjoy your post.

Josie said...

Ruth, I actually got a Valentine this year. Shock of shocks!

And a very, very sweet Valentine e-mail too.

I think, in many cases, it's just one more day to make people feel bad, though.

leslie said...

Finally a chance to catch up with you. Glad you had a nice Valentine's day...I celebrated "Quirky Singles Day." lol Oh..Happy Blogiversary!!!

Pauline said...

isn't it sad that we've become so accustomed to giving "stuff" when there are so many other ways to say I love you. I don't mind the earmarked day but it's become a business. I would much prefer to declare a love day whenever the mood strikes and then love like there will be no tomorrow

Janice Thomson said...

Valentine's Day is like Christmas - it should be celebrated or thought about every day of the year. Love is not something you give just one day a year....but I guess it's a start to maybe better things. :)
So good to be back and reading your wonderful posts Ruth.

Eileen said...

I did it too. I didn't send any Valentines last year and I think I made my daughter sad . So i was sure to try at least. I used to have fun making them a long time ago. But this year i was one of those people you described. Thank you for coming to my blog and encouraging me. Your blogging of one year is a great role model. It inspires me to keep on trying.