Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy blog-iversary to me~

Happy blog-iversary to me!

Forgive me if I pat myself on the back.

One year ago to day, I sat in front of my laptop wrapped in Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, and pushed "publish." No one-- well, only one-- knew I had "gone public."

And it was quite a tentative start, like dipping a toe in ice water, and yanking it out immediately. The name I chose-- Upstream and Down-- an acknowledgement of my Pisces nature, felt safe. I could wander, twist and turn through topics, and not need to follow a linear path.

In fact, I had no path in mind at all, no reason to write a blog, but I wanted one. It was that simple.

What emerged from 115 posts to date is a series of "snapshots," snippets of life-- more questions than answers-- filtered through my eyes.

That those of you who started with me have stayed in my stream pleases me. That others have come along for the journey is even better. You've encouraged me with your comments, your understanding, and your sharing of different perspectives.

I will always have more questions than answers, and I prefer it that way. You won't find answers here. Nothing definitive, no advice. Just a moment in time that mattered to me, and my attempt to find meaning in the moment.

Life is in the details.

Thank you for sharing mine.
For the very inauspicious beginning, go here: Only the beginning~
And then I "outed" my blog in this publication.
For those who have too much time on their hands, my earlier posts can be found in the archives at the bottom of the left margin.
"It always struck me as hopelessly exibitionist." ~Ruth Douillette


sc morgan said...

Congratulations on your anniversary, Ruth. It has been pure pleasure to check in here once a week (or more) and see what is currently on your mind. It is a good one, your mind: curious, questioning and thoughtful. Keep up the good work and thank YOU for being here.

Wanda said...

Oh Ruth...First may I say thank you to Janice for introducing your blog to me...Your blog is like a magnet that pulls me in, I love what your write, and how you write it.

I just read your "Only the beginning ~ and "in this publication. I can't tell you how I relate to your experience.

Blogging is FUN. I do it because, I love to tell stories, I love that there is a place to express my feeling every day, or whenever I want too. If you live life with your eyes open, you never run out of material.

Ruth, I love your blog so a MIGHTY BIG CONGRATULATIONS, and I would sure love a piece of that celebration cake!!

Josie said...

Ruth, congratulations! You are a wonderful writer. I love your blog.

I am looking forward to many more posts.


Lisa said...

Happy Blogerversary, Ruth! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful self with us here in the blogosphere. I look forward to your next year of posts!

Tere said...

Congratulations! I enjoy reading your thoughts and you always make me think. And I can't tell you how much it means to me that you take the time to read my thoughts and to comment.

Here's to many more anniversaries. Best wishes.

Barbara said...

Happy Blog-birthday! I love coming here to your beautiful words and photos. I look forward to the next year! Who knows, some day our paths may cross...

daisies said...

happy blog birthday : ) can't wait to see the next year!!

Jen said...

Happy Bloggabirthday! You've got quite the following here, too!

I love reading this....

Talk soon.

Alice Folkart said...

Ruth, Ruth
there's truth
in your blog,
there's no dog,
but, it's good,
it's a 'hood.
Should you have writ?
Yes. Don't ever quit.
You can see,
that others than me
find solace and grace
in your special place.

Happiest Blog-Birthday.
You give me courage!


Yolanda said...

Happy Blogiversary Ruth. I am new here but I am sure I will return.

Wenda said...

Congratulations from another blogger who likes questions better than answers.

I enjoyed your piece in the Writer's E-Zine, too!

kimy said...

congrats....coincidentally we seemed to have entered the blogosphere just days apart! oh my I hear twilight zone music.