Thursday, December 13, 2007

Shuffle off to Buffalo~

It's 7:11 p.m. and I'm on the bed leaning against three puffy pillows. The laptop rests across my thighs. My husband is on the other bed with the newspaper. The TV is on: Law and Order. He's watching; I'm not.

"You should get away, just the two of you," my friend tells me-- often. "It will revive your relationship."

We are in Buffalo, New York, after an eight hour ride that took ten today because of the snowstorm that swept into the northeast and dumped a quick six inches. Who goes to Buffalo in the winter? The city, home to Niagara Falls, is notorious for its snowfall.

Our mission was not planned as a relationship revival. We came to watch David's college basketball team--the Worcester State Lancers-- play a winter tournament. Bruce attended every one of David's high school games: football, basketball and baseball, and will go to the college games too. I went to the high school home games, most of the time. I think.

One other Boston area team bowed out of the tourney at the last minute fearful of traveling the Mass Pike and the New York Turnpike in snow the meteorologists had hyped for the past week. But for two days off from school, I happily rode ten hours through a snowstorm to Buffalo. That, and to watch David.

Here's the thing. I just drank three, maybe four, complementary glasses-- they were small - of Merlot, Holiday Inn's way of welcoming us. I don't have to cook. I have two week days that I don't have to set the alarm and beat the sun out of bed. Worth the drive, the last half through a snowstorm? Yup! Watching David's game? Priceless.
“Travel teaches toleration.” ~Benjamin Disraeli


rain said...

I hope the game's a good one! Drive safely home.

Ruth D~ said...

Thanks. The games are up against another impending snowstorm. not good. If I had stayed home i would have worried. Now I can be in the thick of things . . . and worry. :>)

Alice Folkart said...

You must have needed a couple of days off real bad, Ruth! Good luck.


Janice Thomson said...

This post? Priceless too. Love your writings always my friend.

Barbara said...

Enjoy your time away. Maybe you'll get socked in with a monster snow and the sparks will re-emerge! Three glasses of Merlot sounds like quite a welcome!

Ruth D~ said...

Alice~ Yup!

Janice~ As are your poems to me.

Barbara~ Beware of Merlot sparks is my motto.

Still and all . . . this is teaching me to live in the moment. Travel decisions will take care of themselves in that moment. If I get snowed in and miss another day of schoo . . . now that's priceless.

Wanda said...

Yes, I agree...priceless! :)