Monday, December 3, 2007

Caffeine and a smile~

Coffee and books~
A couple of months ago I chose to stop writing for my town paper, feeling that something was going to snap-- maybe me-- if I didn't cut down on some of the things I was doing.

I was behind on my invoices, three months worth of stories had never been submitted for payment, so I sat down yesterday, finally, to make out an invoice. I'd kept records of my stories, but I decided to double-check my accuracy by looking at the online archive of the paper's online.

A bold headline caught my eye. I did a double-take, the way I'd react if I saw my boss in an unexpected place like a liquor store or church. My own name stood out in bold.

The story was a press release for the latest Chicken Soup For the Soul book in which I have a story. The CS people must have sent a press release; I vaguely remember signing an online form that gave them permission. It's part of their marketing plan.

I laughed when I read the summary the CS team wrote. It starts: "Douillette is late for work."

Okay, yeah, late, and notice I still stopped to get coffee. Little did I know when I wrote this piece that my boss would end up reading it.

One of my teacher friends showed the book at a teacher's meeting and read an excerpt.
My principal asked to read the rest of the piece. The topic of being late prompted the assistant principal to say, "Hey, you haven't been late this year!"

True, I haven't. It took an empty nest to clear my way in the morning. I only have myself to worry about, no last minute requests to iron something, no shuffling cars in the drive way, no chat about what the day holds . . . and no good bye hug either. But I'm on time for the first time in three kids and 34 years.
Douillette’s story featured in new 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' series
Wed Nov 21, 2007, 02:48 PM EST

BRIDGEWATER, MASS. - Ruth Douillette of Bridgewater, a former correspondent for The Bridgewater Independent wrote an original short story that has been published in the newly released “Chicken Soup for the Soul Delectable Series-Chocolate, Coffee, Tea and Wine,” the latest books in the New York Times best- selling “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series.

In “Caffeine and a Smile,” Douillette is late for work. Her patience and understanding is tested on a cold morning waiting in the drive-thru at her local coffee shop.

Each story was selected from thousands of submissions and was included in the “Chicken Soup for the Soul Delectable Series” because of the writer's ability to deliver clever, humorous insights and the important lessons learned through life experience.
“He was always late on principle, his principle being that punctuality is the thief of time.” ~Oscar Wilde


Janice Thomson said...

CONGRATULATIONS How wonderful Ruth! You have a unique style of writing so it comes as no surprise.

Lisa said...

Yes! Congrat's!!!

daisies said...

congratulations :) that is so wonderful!

Ruth D~ said...

Thank you. :>)

rain said...

I have put the book on my Christmas wish list, I hope it will be available here by then. I absolutely relate to the morning rush with children. One day I was hollering at my kids, "grab your backpakcs, shoes, hurry up!" etc., you know the drill- and my son started crying. Still annoyed, I demanded to know what he was crying about. He said "I'm crying because you are acting like a crazy person!" He was 6. It's my favourite story.

Barbara said...

Kudos! I love the fact that I now "know" another published author.

Alice Folkart said...

Hooray, Ruth! What a lovely surprise, and well-deserved. You amaze me.


Ruth D~ said...

Alice~ You make me laugh. :>) Thank you, but nothing at all about me is amazing. Lucky, though.