Sunday, September 9, 2007

Technologically challenged~ (Part 2)

My husband called from the town football field. He had to film two games today for the coach.

Problem: He'd miss the New England Patriot's game.

Solution: He'd have me record it for him.

Problem: Me.

We just got a new upgrade for the TV. Whatever we got was cheaper than whatever we had. We got added benefits, most of which I didn't pay attention to when Bruce showed me the new remote and its functions.

All I know-- because he said it so many times, interrupting my writing over and freakin' over again-- is that this new remote has an "all on" button. Push one button and the TV and the three other electronic devices under it turn on.

Bruce says to get the "quick start" card and follow the directions. He seems to have faith in me, although he does ask, "Is Joanna awake?" She's techno daughter. She's sleeping.

I follow the directions, which are so simple a six year-old could do them. At the push of the button all four things go on; red, green yellow lights wait for my next command.

I consult the DVR Quick Tip Card for "easy steps to use the features of your DVR." It can record with "just one touch of a button." I relax.

I do exactly, and I mean EXACTLY, what the directions say, but no red light appears by the selection to show it is being recorded. I shut it off. I'll start all over.

Then things get confusing.

Not all the lights go off. They should, I think. So I push another button that says power to make them go off, but it doesn't work this way. Now it says "video 1" on the screen and I have to make that go away, so I try one of the arrow buttons; it seems logical that it might revert back to the normal TV. But no, the screen becomes a blank blue color.

Damn! I hate these illogical remotes. Intuition is lost on them. They are so finicky and not at all user friendly.

Joanna wakes, and comes to assist, but not after making a few comments.

"Mom, you must have been pushing buttons again."

"No, I did exactly what it said. Exactly. I don't know why I'm . . ."

" . . . so technologically challenged," she finishes.

She does exactly what I did (minus a few extra buttons here and there), and the red light appears.

I call Bruce and tell him it's all set. It was easy I say, but for some reason it didn't work for me. Joanna set it up.

"That's because you're technologically challenged." He laughs lightly, glad to know he can come home to the game.

"I could have saved all this trouble," I say. "I could just call and tell you who wins."

"No!" he says. I won't but it is so tempting. Technology be damned!
Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards. ~Aldous Huxley
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tim elhajj said...

I am a huge geek but I can't fault you here. Home entertainment technologies are baffling, particularly remotes. When we were kids, there would always be a stack of TVs in our living room as TVs would die and we'd get (smaller) temporary ones to hold us over. Nowadays there are still stacks in the living rooms, but each layer is a home entertainment component.

Ruth D~ said...

Tim~ I feel better now that a self-proclaimed geek cut me some slack. Strangely enough, in school the teachers come to me for all sorts of help on their computers and think I'm pretty savvy. Still, being computer savvy in school is not savvy in the geek world. :>)

Barbara said...

I too am technology challenged. If we had been born after 1980, we would have no problem. But I really don't care if I ever learn how to program all those devices. I would always much prefer reading a good book.

Janice Thomson said...

I'm with you on this one Ruth. I know computers pretty good but get me near a remote that handles your whole entertainment center and I'm totally lost. I have often shut the TV off on the TV itself because I manage to mess the whole thing up. Whatever happened to the days when life was simple; when a TV had an 'on' switch and an 'off' switch? All these gadgets are half the reason this continent is so overweight.

Pauline said...

My grandchildren (4 and 6) are technology whizzes compared to me. I solve the distance between our houses and their help by not having a TV :)

I know just what you mean about coming home from school and falling asleep (previous post). I've been doing the same for the 8 days we've been having classes. Those second graders keep me hopping!

rain said...

Ahh, the remote. We have three - for some reason the DVR won't turn on, then you need another remote. And if you want the DVD or the video games...don't get me started. And how is it a man who can't manage to run laundry and watch kids at the same time can run these?

Ruth D~ said...

Looks like we all have a pretty good reason we don't work the remote very well: we're not into TV.

Rain~ your comment takes the prize. How is it, indeed? :>)

Voyager said...

We are such techno dweebs we do not have a DVD player / recorder. And neither B nor I know how to use the ancient VCR in the basement. And you know what? I don't care!

Ruth D~ said...

V~ Happiness is simplicity. I wouldn't care either, but Bruce does!

Alice Folkart said...

I'm slightly challenged. Once we get everything set up I can work it all and sometimes troubleshoot. Problem is that my husband keeps moving things around, adding this, removing that, getting a new something or other, and I go in with a movie I want to watch or something I need to record and nothing works. I want my own setup, nobody touches. I do not play nicely with others, nor do I share well.

Josie said...

I bought a new DVD player recently and all I could figure out on the remote was "open" "close" "pause" "play". One of my Munchkins sat down with the remote, and had every button figured out in less than 60 seconds. Blip-blip-blip. I saw there watching her in absolute awe.

Ruth D~ said...

Alice~ My husband does the same thing with computers. he upgrades to a new address book lets say, and all my stuff is haywire and harder to use. Grrr . . .

Josie~Sounds familiar. :>)