Monday, September 3, 2007

It's over~

I had my annual school starts soon dream last night.

At the end of every summer, several days before school is to resume, I have vivid dreams. This is typical, and similar to the way a pregnant woman dreams she has lost her child, or has forgotten to feed the baby who is now a parched leaf on the kitchen floor that she is sweeping out the door, all the while knowing that something is terribly wrong.

In last night's dream, I was driving my truck somewhere. Out my window I saw the most beautiful view; everything that is beautiful in nature was in the scene that unfolded as I drove: mountains, a waterfall, mist, cumulous clouds, vivid colors and pastels. Sunrays slanted across the view.

I had my camera with me and wanted to get a picture. I stepped on the brake to slow and pull off the road, but the truck didn't respond. I pushed harder, and harder on the brake pedal, nearly standing in my seat, but the truck kept barreling along.

The view grew more and more beautiful as I raced past, and I was torn between keeping my eyes on the road and staring at the beauty. I was desperate to stop and capture the most beautiful scene I'd ever witnessed.

Finally the truck began to slow, but by then the view was mostly behind me. I thought, I'll stop and get out, and walk back to take some pictures. But when the truck stopped, the sunlight had dimmed. The scene looked ordinary, and too far away. It was too late.

Ahhh, all things must end, and so my lazy summer of wandering with my camera is over. I have two days of meetings with teachers and administrators, and then the kids arrive.

The annual fall excitement fills the air. I'll adjust to a tighter schedule, setting my alarm, eating on schedule, and going to bed earlier, and I'll still travel with my camera and snap pictures of the New England autumn-- on the weekends.


Barbara said...

I love the picture of the leaves. If you took it, it is really fantastic! Good luck back at school. I know those first few days must be hectic as both teacher and students readjust to conformity with a schedule and rules!

Ruth D~ said...

Barbara~ Thank you. I took the leaves on September first. Seems early for such color, but it often works that way in New England.

sc morgan said...

Aw, Ruth, I am sorry. I'm especially sorry about all the meetings you will be forced to sit through while summer rages on right on the otherside of the window. But I know you will soon be posting essays about kids and school and all the things that happen there. I loved the photo of the leaves for this post; very beautiful, indeed.

Janice Thomson said...

What a spectacular dream Ruth...your very own premonition fall is here. The photo is stunning. We don't get those colors here...the maples turn a beautiful yellow but not the lovely orange reds. Beautiful.

Ruth D~ said...

Sarah~ You're right. School will give me "blog fodder." If only I didn't have to set my alarm and wake before i'm ready . . . whine. :>)

Janice~ there is truly nothing that beats a New England autumn. Not much anyway. :>)

rain said...

I have always wanted to go to New England in the fall - I had my own back to school dream two nights ago. I was in a plane that was taking off and I couldn't get my 6 year old's seat belt to buckle up. I'm not all that complex, am I? Come over and see my "back to school morning".
I also love, love your leaves...

Ruth D~ said...

Rain~ You'll have to make it a point to get to NE in October. If you like my pictire, think of seeing tree after tree like that. Glorious!

Your dream is as clear as mine. :>) We can't hide our feelings can we?

leslie said...

Even though I'm not teaching again this year, I still had my own "back to school" nightmare. This time I dreamed I was called to sub, couldn't find my classroom after roaming all the halls and then when someone told me where to go I found it was some kind of animal science class and there were rubber snakes all over the place! (my particular phobia!)

When we lived in Ottawa for a few years, I had the opportunity to experience an "eastern" fall. The leaves change colour sooner than out here in the West and they really are spectacular. I've been to the New England states, but not at that time of year so it's on my list.

Good luck with the new year at school and I'm looking forward to your telling tales about adventures in academia. :D

Josie said...

What a significant dream! You were saying goodbye to summer. Fall is always my favorite time of the year, anyway. I love the colors and the feeling of newness. There is a line in "You've Got Mail" where Tom Hanks says he loves this time of year and he wants to send Meg Ryan a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. I feel that way too.

I'm not crazy about the alarm clock, however.

Ruth D~ said...

Leslie~ Once a teacher always a teacher. I wonder if I'l continue to have school dreams when i retire.

Josie~ Sharpened pencils . . . remembder the smell of freshly ground wood?