Friday, March 25, 2011

Winter's just pouting~

You think I LIKE working overtime?


Pauline said...

What a great photo! Those poor daffodils - we've had more snow, too, and renewed cold! It will just make spring, when it finally arrives, all the more welcome but jeesh! I know how those daffodils feel!

Janice Thomson said...

What a neat photo Ruth!...but cold Brr...we started to melt and then it froze again so everywhere is a just a huge skating rink. :)

Ross Eldridge said...

We are well-daffy here in our Northeast, but the snow seems to be staying north of the (Scottish) border. I actually dried all my laundry outside on the lines in my courtyard today, and in 3 hours. A sign of spring would have to be fresh-air-smelling sheets and blankets. The daffs will be followed by tulips (some are just opening now) and then bluebells. Daisies come a bit later. I never thought much about flowers till I got here, but I love them now and miss them terribly in the winter months. Well, except for the brilliant-yellow rapeseed blossoms which make my life a misery for a time. So it goes!