Friday, June 20, 2008

Who me, crazy?

Thirty five years will do this to you.

Time to go~

I'm done!!!!

Life begins at retirement. ~Author Unknown


Janice Thomson said...

Oh Ruth! I hope you have the best retirement ever - that you fulfill a few lifetime dreams and that you carry wonderful memories of your years as a teacher. May you always walk in the grace of God.
I LOVE your funky glasses!

Ross Eldridge said...

It's really happened! And you think those freaky glasses are odd? Look at the dodgy green and blue critter over your shoulder!

If I were a designer ... I'd make earrings like those glasses ... eyeballs in them. And put pictures of ears in the glasses.

Very best wishes on your New Life. Hopefully not too much of it will be spent figuring out that new mobile phone!


Lisa said...

Whoo hoo! Congrats!!!

I've been thinking about getting new glasses. Those are quite nice! ;-)

Wanda said...

Ha Ha Ha and a whooping Congratulations to a great teacher!!

BTW I have some great eye drops!!

Your haircut is darling~~

Look forward to lots of retirement blogging stories.

As Janice said ~~ May God grace always surround you !

LOL: Wanda

sc morgan said...

Love the look!

I'm with Ross. The first thing I noticed…. Well, the second thing, actually, was that kooky character behind you. Then I thought, oh that is probably just one of the other teachers at Ruth's OLD school. I also note you are coming out of storage, both figuratively as well as literally. Anyway I assume that is a storage door behind you.

Many congratulations lady. Get that cell phone cranked up, Carter should be calling soon…

All the best

Naturegirl said...

Hurray well done! Now you have time to spend on your writing and your photography!Enjoy your retirement!
I have been for 10 yrs and hubby just this year!Time now for Fun!! :)NG

Bob Sanchez said...

Ruth, your eyes are such a lovely green!

Congratulations on your retirement. You're going to love it.

Pam said...

Ruth you look so funny. All the best for your retirement, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun. I've mentioned your site on my blog this morning and hope you don't mind. It's just that you quoted a lovely father-daughter piece in an earlier posting,that I wished to acknowledge. I loved the beauty of it so much.I can appreciate you miss your Dad.Your writing about him was beautiful.

Ruth D~ said...

Janice~ Thanks. Nice sentiment>

Ross~ Your creative imagination never fails to amaze me. You'd have been fun to have in class . . . maybe. ;>)

Sarah~ The green guy was Wally . . . some "green monster" guy that has to do whith the REd Sox . . . i think. A kid made it. And the storage closet . . . better to be coming out than going in.

NG~Well, you're in the same situation as I am. My husband has been retired for 6 years . . . an now I join him.

Bob~ Thanks! I hope to, plan to . :>)

Pam~ You're welcome to borrow. The quote is public domain. Isn't it beautiful?

Pauline said...

ha! I recognize that feeling!

as you experience your withdrawal from one way of life to enter another, keep those glasses and that smile with you :)

Barbara said...

Congratulations! Now your life can really begin. I hope you enjoy every minute of it!

Dave said...

Congrats. I wish that as you continue on your journey that each day of yesterday leads to new adventures in the days to come. I love the greeness of your eyes and the smile that only was seen once on a Chesire cat.
The very best to you.
Hey, now you have more time to Blog?

Tere said...

Lookin' at the world through emerald colored glasses . . .

Taking a minute from lying on the beach, sippin' a drink with a little sumpin' sumpin' in it to wish you the best retirement ever. Teachers like you are few and far between and I am sure you will be missed. But I know you will enjoy your retirement and I, for one, can't wait to read all about it.

Josie said...

That face is definitely what I would call sunny side up!!

Congratulations on your retirement. :-)

leslie said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I know the feeling. :D

Greg C said...

Looks like someone worked one year too many, lol

Ruth D~ said...

Greg~ Many years too many. But I needed the money.:>)

Barbara Martin said...

Actually, if you admit you're crazy, you're not!

Congratulations, and I do agree that life begins at retirement.

zambio said...

It takes 35 years to make glasses
you looks beautiful