Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Call me~

I've misplaced my cell phone. I had it Saturday morning; Sunday I couldn't find it.

I suspect it fell from my pocket while on a bike ride. Retracing my route and finding it in working order after two days of rain would be more luck than my usual, so today I go to the phone store-- just to get some info.

The young salesman shows me-- at my request-- the basic phone; it only makes and receives calls . . . but so what? I have a camera for pictures, a TV for videos, a computer for email . . . who needs bells and whistles?

He points out a more expensive phone-- $250 something-- and before I can shake my head, he tells me my price, since I'm upgrading, is $135, and there's a $100 rebate as well. This phone has ten things-- at least--that I don't need, but the phone is only $35.

I'm sold. Before I can nod my head, he tells me that the phone's speaker is loud.

"Very loud, " he says. " One of our loudest." I try to look impressed, but I have exquisite hearing. Just ask my husband who doesn't. I don't need a loud phone.

A young sales woman wanders over. "Oh, good choice," she says to me. She points out another feature-- large display and buttons. "Not implying anything," she adds. Have I been been profiled-- hard of hearing with failing vision?

Apparently the phone has some other really cool capability called SSB or SLM . . . or something.

"That phone also has SSB," she tells me. "Although you probably don't care; you won't use it." She sort of laughs.

"Oh, don't be too sure," I tell her breezily, although I don't have a clue what she's referring to. Of course I won't use it, whatever it is. I only want to make a damn phone call now and then.

So here I am, glad she can't see me flipping through the 190-page user manual, past "video share," "using the camcorder," and "listening to music" looking for the page that says "making a call/answering a call."

Call me. I'll be able to hear you now.
“Watching something on your cell phone seems like crazy talk to me.”~Matt Thompson quotes


Carter said...

As soon as I find out what it is, I'll put your number in my little black book. Yeah, that one.

leslie said...

Well, even if you don't use all the features, it was a good buy!

Not long now for school. Or are you out now? I went to a retirement party last night for a colleague/friend at my old school. Very nice evening.

Janice Thomson said...

Isn't it ridiculous all the bells and whistles on these things nowadays? But the kids love it and that's what the market is geared to. It was a good deal though :)

Belladonna said...

So what's your opinion on phone insurance? I think it is a total scam and don't want to pay $7 every month just in case I lose or break my phone. HOWEVER...last summer my beloved dropped his while working and it went through a combine. Came out the other end in tiny little pieces. Cost $200 to replace. So am I a sucker or wise to insure?

Lisa said...

We have so much catching up to do... I'll call you soon.

P.S. Is today your last day of school?

Tere said...

Ain't technology great???? Now when you lose this phone, you will also lose your camera, video and music player too!!!!

Ruth D~ said...

Carter~ Please do. I'm not sure I've ever been listed in anyone's little black book before. This could be a first.

Alice Folkart said...

Ruth, this is so NOW! So, so, 'profiled!' Funny, witty, charming, you at your best - send it to someone - if I read this in my local newspaper or in AARP mag or anywhere, I'd laugh, just like I did as I read it just now. I guffawed - oh,please, today, send it to CSM or your local paper or someplace - it's very funny and so true.

As for the $200+ dollar phone - do you think that anyone ever pays full price for that stuff. The phone store has gotten to be like a car dealer - this is the price, but 'for you' and 'because...'


Ruth D~ said...

Alice~ You're so good for my ego. :>) I think the gimmick with these phones is all about getting you to pay for connectivity to the internet, for the opportunity to text message, to download . . . They'd probably give a phone away to someone who just signed up for all their phone "services."

Bob Sanchez said...

Ruth, you are so 21st century! Yesterday I was at a friend's house--and this guy gets so excited by new technology--and he took out his cell phone. "Ask me a question," he said. "Anything." So I asked him how deep is the Mariana trench in the Pacific. He dialed a number on his cell phone and asked the question. About two minutes later, his phone rang, and he received a text message with the answer. It's a free service, in case that floats your boat, on How did we ever live without Mr. Bell's invention?

Ruth D~ said...

But Bob?! How deep is the Mariana trench? I need a lesson on retrieving info on my phone. I'll stick to wikipedia.