Sunday, April 27, 2008

I will not whine~

Sun bathing~
A week of vacation comes to an end, and I refuse to whine.

It's been a week of beautiful spring weather and good friends, a week of time alone and time with others, a week of events, not all I'd hoped for, but I can live with it all: a good friend and candidate for Selectman lost the election last night, my son is scheduled for arthroscopic knee surgery on Thursday, a friend is moving out of town next month. But these are mere flecks of dust on the lens I peer through.

Spring's promise is being unwrapped daily and the warmth fills my heart. All is well. I can't complain. I won't.

This I know after this week of "glory devine," I will need structure when I retire, a schedule, something to anchor me in the day and make sure I get housework and other yuck stuff done along with the bike rides and the photography sprees that tug me out of the house.

This week I floated free for the most part . . . and loved it, but my "best laid plans" of cleaning closets, preparing meals ahead, cleaning the refrigerator, and washing the kitchen floor still remain on my "when I retire I'll get to it list." I will not criticize myself that I let all that ride. But damn!

Still, what are vacations for?

I'll set my alarm for 5:45 a.m. and be thankful to wake healthy, and if not entirely happy to get up so early, at least grateful I'm able. I will not say "shit" when the alarm goes off. Or at least not out loud.

All is well. I will not whine that it's back to work tomorrow.
No vacation goes unpunished. ~Karl Hakkarainen


leslie said...

The final term! Ah, I remember it well....

And I'm STILL trying to get to things I told myself I'd get to when I retired. There're always too many other things tempting me away from the day to day stuff.

But I did buy some wet Swiffers the other day.

Wanda said...

Yes, the worst part of vacations is when they are over!!

The tulips are to die for!!

LOL:) Wanda

Jen said...

I'll say it aloud for you. ;-)

Lisa said...

Your tulip shot took my breath away!

I'm so glad I got to steal you away for a bit during your vacay! I hope you had a good first day back. :)

Pauline said...

I felt EXACTLY the same way when my alarm went off this morning... and I did say "shit" out loud. (The cat was unimpressed.)

Wish my retirement was just forty days away instead of four years! Somewhere out there is a dream job waiting to fall in your lap. Mine, too, I hope.

Tere said...

I think the end of a vacation is the perfect time to say "shit" when the alarm goes off. That cracked me up!

Ruth D~ said...

Okay. I'll admit it. I did say, "Shit."

Bob Sanchez said...

The tulips are lovely. We left behind hundreds of them when we moved away from NE.

You're gonna love retirement, Ruth. A little structure, a little loosey-goosey time. Most likely, you'll keep busy, but it'll be with your agenda and not someone else's. You might have to forcibly subdue a smug feeling about everyone else having to go to work.