Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A boy and his (girlfriend's) dog~

David is dog sitting for his girlfriend's dog Troy for a few days. And so, it turns out, am I, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. while David is working.

He's an adorable pug with a mushed in face and severe under-bite, similar to a bulldog, only smaller. And cuter, I have to say. His little tail looks like a doughnut perched precariously on the edge of a table. How can something with an under-bite, wrinkles, and a bottom right canine tooth that refuses to stay hidden be so damn cute?

It's fun having him, and apart from Becky the cat who's taken to sleeping under the bed in what we call her "thunder spot," we're all enjoying Troy.

He's very attentive when I speak, cocking his head thoughtfully as he listens. Even his ears change position-- upright, flopped, or way back-- in response. Very gratifying, not to mention the eye contact. Up until now I've relied heavily on Becky for eye contact. My husband's eyes are usually aimed at:

a.) his computer
b.) the lawn, or weeds he's pulling
c.) the TV
d.) shut

I was thinking that if I could tweak the human evolutionary process a bit, it might be nice to give males the capacity to change ear positions. It would save woman from asking, "Are you listening?" And men couldn't say yes and get away with it any more.

David called from work today to check up on Troy.

"How's he doing?"

"Great. He's on the patio with Bruce right now."

"Does he have enough water?"

"Yeah, he's fine."

"It's not too hot for him is it? Is he panting?"

"He's fine, David. Trust me. He's happy.

Later as I fastened Troy's leash to his collar to go for a walk, Bruce said, "Make sure you lock the leash so it doesn't reel out too far. Let me show you."

"I've used this leash before. I'm all set, " I said. Now there was some eye contact; I saw doubt in his. Just because I can't figure out the TV remote doesn't mean I can't figure out a simple button on a dog leash. I don't say this. I just think it.

"He likes to walk in the street," my husband said. "Make sure . . ."

"I've raised three kids to adulthood." I say. "I can walk a dog. Trust me." I'm not a 13 year-old babysitter. I don't say this, but I make eye contact!

Walking with a dog is not the same as a leisurely stroll with my camera. Troy is only six inches tall, but can he move! Had I known he liked to run I would have put on a bra, but there I was, pounding along the sidewalk in flip flops ready to fall off, racing to keep up with a tiny dog, his pink tongue flapping in glee. I told myself the neighbors wouldn't recognize me without my camera, or at this speed. Besides, we don't have a dog.

"Was that you I saw bouncing down the side walk after a dog this morning?"

"We don't have a dog," I'll say.

Tomorrow I'll wear a bra when I walk Troy.


Dave said...

Great Story. I had similar experience last week my son and his wife went on vacation, you guessed it the dog was at our house for a week.
Our cat did the same thing was under the bed all week and boy did the dog want to run when I wanted to just stroll. Next year the dog and I get a motor scooter.

Ruth D~ said...

A motor scooter, that's an idea. In my case the jog is probably a good push. Psychologically I think I'm getting exercise, so I don't beat myself up when I sit at the computer. In reality . . .

Heather said...


did you end up doing the writing contest? hope so!

Ruth D~ said...

I did do the writing contest, although the "prompt" was wierd, which resulted in my story being wierd. We shall see. I'm glad I pushed myself, no matter the result.

Rhea said...

I love the little tooth that's showing. I'm the same way with my dog. Always worried if he's panting, doesn't have enough fresh water, enough treats, is a little dirty and needs a bath. I have a Lhasa apso and I baby him!

Janice Thomson said...

Too funny Ruth! I really could picture you bouncing down the street after a dog - a case of the dog taking the lady for a jog. Ha!

Ruth D~ said...

Oh, please don't picture it. :>) I still laugh when I picture it.

Jennifer Curtis said...

Haaaaaaa! The braless dog walk...beautiful!

And I bet your eyes can say plenty (I know mine can!).


Ruth D~ said...

There was a whole lotta communication going on! :>)

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Great story! Loved it. Troy is a cutie-Pug!

Voyager said...

Good story. As the owner of two 80 pound dogs that are fierce leash pullers, I need a good tight sports bra for walkies!

Dawn said...

The things we do for our kids. :)Great essay.


Sarah M said...

This is a classic, Ruth. I hope you send this one out for publication, and by that I mean money. WHAT a great story.Brava!

Ruth D~ said...

Thanks Sarah. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Troy went home yesterday and I miss him, but the cat is much happier. :>)