Saturday, May 19, 2007

Routine chores~

Today was a rainy Saturday. That meant housework instead of roaming the beach taking pictures. We have to eat, after all, and the cupboard was showing a lot of shelf space. Grocery shopping is one of my most disliked tasks; it's routine and repetitive, and involves choices on how to spend money.

For variety, I went to a store in the next town over. I find my thrills where I can. That took care of routine. Repetitive can't be helped, nor can the choices about spending money.

I was raised by thrifty parents who were into "unit pricing," so I'm never able to just pull items off the shelves and get shopping over with. I always take those few seconds to make sure I'm getting the best price for each item. Look at the weight. Compare that to the other package that looks cheaper at first glance. A ha! It weighs an ounce less. They can't trick me into wasting money-- just time. I drive myself crazy.

This store compounded my compulsive money issues by hanging neon yellow tags on shelves: "Buy two, get one free." I don't need two of anything, but I stop to think. Is the 39 cents I save on each item by buying two worth the storage space issue I'll face at home if I double up? I hate to spend 39 extra cents just because I only need one. Then again, if I buy two of everything maybe I won't have to go shopping next week. Did I mention that I hate grocery shopping?

Another routine-breaker is the international/specialty section they have. I cruise slowly down these aisles, pricier items, but unique enough to make me think I might splurge.

I'm looking at imported teas when I see, "Buy two get one free." Super Diet Tea. Hmmm. I have my weaknesses, and anything as simple as drinking tea to lose weight gets a second look-- lots of flavors, 36 tea bags times two! That's a deal.

I flip the box over to check the magic ingredients. My eyes catch the word diarrhea. It appears that a "side effect" of drinking this diet tea is that is causes diarrhea, diarrhea potentially bad enough to "call your doctor if it persists." No thanks. That's no bargain, even for 72 tea bags, 36 of which are free. Diet and exercise sound far more appealing, and they are not my two favorite words.

I made it through checkout without buying the magazine with the screaming headline: 24 Pounds Gone by Memorial Day! The one that also would have helped me get instant health, perky breasts, serene energy, fresh breath and toned thighs. And also help me flush "xenoestrogens" that make me hungry. And seaweed wraps that melt off 15 inches in one hour. (Fifteen inches of what? Off what?) I do wish these things were true, but I've bought enough magazines to feel safe saying only diet and exercise works. If you actually diet and exercise, that is.

I hope tomorrow is sunny. I have a plan for exercise that doesn't involve walking supermarket aisles.

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wilmasanders said...

Ruth, we are cut from the same cloth on this one. I had similar parents, I hate shopping, watch the unit pricing and make myself crazy. Then say,' Well I wouldn't be having this nice life in retirement if I didn't spend frugally in the past'. Ah yes.
I do enjoy your writing, thanks so much.