Thursday, May 31, 2007

In my own world~

I don't flow in the mainstream. I never have. Not that I'm a weirdo, or anything, but I live in my head, and miss a lot of what goes on in the real world--which is fine with me. Most of the time I don't even know what I'm missing. Which is also fine by me.

But sometimes I'm pulled up short-- made suddenly aware of what I don't know. How can I make it to my age-- 50 whatever-- without knowing things that are familiar to so many?

Take "Pirates of the Caribbean." (A movie. There have been two. The third has just come to a "theater near you." I found this out today, though the first came out in 2003.) The title reminds me of the Saturday matinees we used to pay a dime to see. The "Sinbad the Sailor" movies. I liked those-- when I was ten.

Don't take that as an insult if you like Pirates of the Caribbean. It must be awesome. It's a three series blockbuster. All I know is it's not for me. Even though it has Johnny Depp in it. Whoever he is. I've heard his name a lot, and that means he's "hot."

I'm surprised when I hear Bruce talking about it with Joanna at the supper table. She's 23 and up on all the latest movies, but even Bruce knows about "Pirates of the Caribbean?"

He knows my taste in movies. I'm tough to please. I hate "fake." I like relationship movies. One that comes to mind is "Mr. Holland's Opus." There are others I've liked, but I seldom remember the titles, or the actors, or even the plot for long. I don't know why that is.

I asked a few questions about "Pirates of the Caribbean." "Is it about real pirates? Sort of based on history?"

"You saw it, " Bruce told me.

"I did?"

He sighs a little, and says, "Don't you remember?"

I don't.

If I was in the same room when he was watching it on TV-- because we definitely didn't pay to see it in a theater-- he might have thought I was watching. Most likely, I had my laptop on my lap, or a book, and had shut out the sight and sound of the movie.

Like I said, I live in my own world. It will take quite a movie to pull me out. I may miss out on good things, but ignorance is bliss.


Tim & Amy said...

Hi Mrs. Douillette. Nice blog! Didn't know you had one. Wanna check out ours? It is

See you Monday. Marijke Fulton

Gary said...

I can do that if I have headphones and music. Otherwise I'm ... overly vigilant. A person never knows what might sneak up on him.

I never saw Opus. I like films like Crash and Traffic, and to my wife's enormous displeasure, Raising Arizona.

She dislikes the loopy Coen brothers so much that I had to show her the DVD case to prove that Laws of Attraction had Joel and Ethan Coen in the credits.

I suppose she's ready to forgive them as long as George Clooney is featured.