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One Winter Day in February!

It’s just a week that I have here, doing "farm duty" for friends while they are in Maui avoiding the February weather.

Yay them!
And yay me too!

This is a week of respite...less than half an hour from home and hubby—and cats. I can enjoy the best of both worlds.

My “chores” for the week:

·      Gather the chicken eggs (my favorite part!!)
·      Feed the chickens and ducks and give them fresh water (It bothers me that they have to stay in their coop while family is away. Makes sense, but I feel bad. Otherwise, this would be a favorite).
·      Feed three feral cats (my other favorite thing!)
·      Feed four alpacas and give them water (this is becoming a favorite...)

Once done, that leaves plenty of time to...         

To WHAT, exactly?

What DO you do with the free time you’ve always dreamed of having...besides wasting it wondering what you’ll do with all that free time?

On day 1, I awoke early (for me)—7:30.  That’s usually time to roll over for another hour, but I lifted the shade and peeked out the window.

I said it again from the kitchen.WOW!

Mist was clearing from the Taunton River and the sun was painting  the scene. I needed to get outside and SEE it. Close up!

I threw my clothes on. Slammed feet in sneakers (skipped the dam ankle brace) and left the house, jacket open (no hat scarf or gloves despite the February chill), sneaker laces trailing. I know how fast the light can change. The sun does not wait for late risers.

The low morning light spun the grasses into gold, while leaving the icy water a shadowy blue. Every direction I looked, the sun made glorious with its rays. Geese flew in, honking with as much joy as I felt.

And with my iPhone in hand I snapped pictures, while repeating my mantra: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God! For this was truly His creation, his glory! And I knew he was saying, "Ha, ha, I got you out of bed early, didn't I?"

And truly, If this morning was all I did in my free time on the farm, it was so worth it!


 This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24



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