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Focus on the People~

I recently took a road trip to Conowingo Dam in Maryland to photograph the eagles that soar in to scoop up the fish that pass through the gates when the water is released.

The experience was wonderful--although it made me realize what a novice I am at bird photography. I definitely would love to go back and try again with the experience gained from the mistakes I made, including (inadvertently) setting my camera to a “back button” focus setting that I don’t use...and thus not being able to focus well... Grrr. (Thanks, Hunt’s Camera in Hanover, for figuring out my mistake within five minutes...once I was home.)
Such is life, right? Taking pix is like fishing: you don’t always make the catch.

EAGLES don’t always make the catch!

 The One That Got Away~
But here’s the thing...this trip was awesome! And not just because of the photo opportunities (and despite my disappointment in the photo results), but because of the PEOPLE my photo friend Pat and I met.

Life is all about the people. That’s what we should keep our focus on.


I didn't ask his name, but this man spent a lot of time trying to help with the focus on my camera. He even went to find another guy he thought could help.

This is Stevie, who got an alcohol wipe to wipe off the connections between my camera and lens. Didn't make a difference, but still.

 And thank you to the guy who took our picture to save us from the typical "selfie" look.


Pat said…
Ruth, just read the blog. I love it and how you put it together. You said it all.
Ruth L.~ said…
Glad you found it, Pat. Welcome to Upstream and Down!

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