Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ready to rumble!

Toby and Tucker, the two young cats we adopted, race and romp through the house while we sleep until their fur is flying. I wake each morning to the muffled sounds of padded paws pounding up and down the stairs, and to a living room rug from which I vac enough fur daily to knit a small kitten.

Becky had become sedate in her dotage, so having two spunky young cats in the house feels a little like the not –so-gentle reminder you get the first time you have the grandchildren overnight. Oh, yeah! The young have energy. I'd forgotten just how feisty young cats could be.

The leaves on the houseplants bear punctures from feline fangs. Swishing tails knock picture frames off the end tables. The cats discover that nibbling my toes is a good way to get attention at 2 a.m. (and 4:30 and 6:00…) And I no longer have the Galileo thermometer on the bookshelf…or anywhere. It shattered during an early morning chase, scaring the cat that knocked it off as much as it scared us awake.

"Mom, let's just go to the Animal Protection Center and look," David had said to me one morning a month after we buried Becky. He knows I would never live long in a catless house, but I'd planned to get through the summer and then think about adopting. I was in no hurry. Still, what does it hurt to look?

We looked at all the cats more than once. The place was full to overflowing. We patted and stroked and wished we could take them all. It's heartbreaking to pass by the cages--tiny paws reaching out, soft meows, and eyes pleading for attention. There weren't enough cages, and the cats that were deemed sociable shared a "living room" complete with couches, rugs, and more toys than a preschool. Sitting in there was cat lover's heaven—and yet sad, too. Poor homeless things.

Like looking at cupcakes in a bakery, it's tough to leave without one. We left with two. I wish it could have been more.

Toby and Tucker are already carving their own spaces in my heart, right next to Becky's. Amazing how wide hearts can stretch for animals.

Enjoy her while she's here~

Missing Becky~


Tere said...

Oh my goodness! Sounds like both your hands and your heart are full. Glad to see you post again.

Wanda said...

Like Tere, I've sure missed your posts and check quite often to see if you have a new one.

Toby and Tucker. What cute names and darling cats. Love your hour by hour update, and it reminds me so much when we could have cats. Several of our grandchildren are terribly allergic to cats, so we had to make the decision to give our two away.
My sister has fallen in love with two cats of her granddaughter that were suppose to stay 2's been two years, and my sis won't give them back!

So happy your heart is big enough to love them all!

BTW ~ would I ever love to have you sitting in my kitchen nook with a cup of tea, sharing our stories.

Love and Hugs

Wanda said...

Just read you comment on my Art Blog, and wasn't sure if you would go back for the answer to your question.

I had not noticed the hands, but think they are a reflection of my hands holding my camera when I took the's behind glass.
You have a good eye.....!

Lydia Kang said...

Thank you for sharing your stories! I'm allergic to cats (as is my daughter and hubbie) so I'm always jealous of people who are lucky enough to own cats!

Janice Thomson said...

I was just given two long-haired white Norwegian Forest cats and I chuckled at your post as I'm going through the same thing. My goodness the hair, but gosh they are a sweet pair of cats and very loving too. I can't let them out as we have hawks and coyotes that would take them in a flash. It's a delight to see their little faces in the window. Their antics provide hours of amusement...if someone offered another would I say no? Probably not. :)

Ross Eldridge said...

Hallo there, Ruth,

What lovely kitties. I'd enjoy having one, but my landlord has been generous permitting me Cailean. I've only seen two cats out-of-doors here, quite a few sunbathing in windows though. Cailean cannot figure them out.

Fortunately Cailean is still of an age (he's two+ now) where he suddenly decides to do things on his own ... put toys all over the flat, redecorating anything that will move. I find him wandering about under a blanket or mat. WHAT is he thinking?

Shame some people are allergic to cats (it must be the dander or something, do you think, not "cats") as they can make one's life so much better.

A friend has worked in a cat sanctuary for many years, has just retired, but she has a cat (adopted) at home now.


Pauline said...

I can't imagine a life without cats. Your two new additions seem to be happily making the house theirs ;)

Barry said...

Surprised but happy to see you so obviously taken with new pets this soon. Lovely photo of the cat and squirrel.

Enjoy your new family.