Sunday, May 16, 2010

Don't Blink~

My son shared a Kenny Chesney song with me today… Don't Blink.

"Listen to this, Mom," Dave said. Then he left me to listen, and went back down stairs to continue unpacking. He's home from college for the summer and is trying to reestablish his nook in the basement.

I don't think he expected to find me in tears when he came back to the kitchen. But the song moved me… a cliché of a song really… and that's not meant to take anything away from it.  It was a "time flies" song, and that theme's been done to death. Remember Turn Around?

*Turn around and you're two,
Turn around and you're four,
Turn around and you're a young girl going out of my door.

Tempus fugit. Whether you're having fun or not.

But there's no reasoning with emotion. There was something about the music and the lyrics, something about the YouTube video portrayal of an old man of 102 exhorting us to love… that hit me.

Dave hugged me. "Sorry," he said. "It's kind of depressing." I rested my head against his chest, this tall young man who just yesterday, I swear, was my baby.

But no, I assured him, it wasn't depressing at all. Just poignant.

I recently attended a 100th birthday celebration. I was there to get the story for the newspaper, but the celebrant, Rose, fell and was whisked to the hospital rather than her party, so I didn't meet her until later. A lovely woman, she didn't look 100--or what my image of 100 is, anyway--and she seemed not to think her milestone age was much of a big deal.

"I never gave it any thought," she said. "I took each day as it came."

There is no secret, formula, I suspect, for reaching a ripe old age--other than good genes and a little luck. But there is a secret to being happy at any age: love those around you. Don't hold back. Time flies.

*A hundred years goes faster than you think.
So don't Blink.

*Turn Around by Harry Belafonte, Malvina Reynolds and Alan Greene. Published by Clara Music Publishing Corporation
*Don't Blink by Kenny Chesney
The Present is a Point just passed.  ~David Russell


Karna said...

Beautiful Ruth and perfect for me to read and listen to this week.
Karna Converse

Ruth D~ said...

Karna: I know you have a "smile through happy tears" event coming soon. Congratulations to the soon to be graduate!

Tere said...

After attending several graduations in the last week, my daughter's move to Georgia and my son's 24th birthday, this post really touched me. It really does so go fast.

Wanda said...

Oh my, Ruth ~~what a touching post, what a handsome son, what a special mother.

I look at my grandchildren now graduating, and wonder where those years went.

The song was perfect....made me teary eyed.

Ruth, thanks for your lovely words on my blog.

Love and Hugs

Janice Thomson said...

Even if we don't live to be a ripe old age nothing brings more contentment than a life filled with love. A touching post Ruth.

Pauline said...

How true - time just seems to fly by and you think, wasn't it just yesterday that I was small, that my kids were small? And now my kids are having kids! Neat video - and heartfelt message. Don't blink, do love!

Russell said...

Good advice -- love the one you're with (sounds like the title of another song I like...!).

Your son is a good looking young man and the two of you certainly make a nice looking couple!

Enjoyed this post and your wise words.

Take care.

Hilary said...

Fine advice and sentiments here. It must be nice to have your boy home. :)

Wanda said...

Ruth I left you a little message in the comments on my Sunday Blog on Vance Havner! :)

DuchessOmnium said...

My son was 29 on Monday, and he is a father now too. I am pretty sure he was only just a baby the other day.

Nishant said...

The song was perfect....made me teary eyed.
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