Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When the sun gets serious~

 I wander through the winter weary yard,
a collage of brown,
crisp and dry,

but for the tender tulip tips
blushing pink,
but not shy.

They know the power they contain,
the joy they'll bring when the sun gets serious.


Lisa said...

Oh Ruth ~ this post is so full of joy and sunshine, I could just burst! Thanks for sharing such beauty!

Ross Eldridge said...

Hallo there, Ruth ...

No tulips here yet outdoors, but there are some in pots that have been "forced" to bloom.

It's snowdrops and crocuses. The daffodil shoots are well up, but no flower buds yet. A few weeks from now we'll have hosts of them, as some old poet put it. My hydrangea plants have leaves starting, the first stirring in my plant-pots

Not just the flowers, we have birds back from their winter in Africa. The larger birds now, too early for the songbirds, swallows etc. I love the smallish black-headed gulls, but they've not arrived yet.

Frost this morning, but warmish sunshine burned it away by mid-morning.

And it was daylight at 6am, more light every day.

We have come through!


Pauline said...

oh, gorgeous! Tulips fairly shout spring, don't they?

Tere said...

"When the sun gets serious" . . . beautiful and I am so ready for that.

Michelle said...

I like that "when the sun gets serious"! Deos that mean all the snow has melted?

Wanda said...

You have captured a wonderful line.

"When the sun gets serious"

Love it!

Wonderful colors too.

Bob Sanchez said...

Lovely, Ruth.

Sheila Hollinghead said...

Love this. Beautiful.

Nishant said...

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