Thursday, January 24, 2008

When I grow up~

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Since I was six I answered the proverbial question with a simple, no-nonsense reply, "Be a teacher."

My 34-year career will end this June. Seven years ago I applied for early retirement, a state "incentive" designed to rid the profession of older, therefore higher paid, teachers.

For seven years I've been asked, "What do you want to do when you retire?" far more than I was ever asked the other question.

People assume-- rightfully-- that no one retires and sits around letting cobwebs gather. Demographics promise, barring any misfortune-- knock, knock-- that I have a good number of years ahead, decades. I'm counting on three, at least. Certainly enough time to do something when I retire.

So while I floundered with the answer at first, as the questions persisted I began to think seriously about just what I would do when foot loose and fancy free.

And now, with less than 100 school days to go, the question I ask myself is, "What won't I do when I retire?" I have a finger in lots of pies, and I've got my eye on a few others, and unexpected opportunities will appear.

What do I want to do when I grow up? Lots of things!

Here's a pre-retirement venture-- the latest issue of the Internet Review of Books, brainchild of a retired friend who isn't letting any cobwebs gather either. Check it out.
“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ~E. E. Cummings


Wanda said...

Yes, Ruth...Lot's of things!

I retired from 20 yrs in Property Mangement almost 5 yrs ago. I love my retired with my husbands retirement, even new and exciting things are ahead for both of us.

Please keep blogging and share your "lots of things" with us!!!

Barbara said...

Retirement is like the icing on your career cake. It can come in so many flavors! I have never been busier and happier as I discover all the things I never had time to do before. Enjoy every minute of it OR just put your feet up and grab a good book. No one's holding you to the clock any longer!

Rick Bylina said...

There is no such thing as retirement for a wise person. It is just a change in life activity. People who retire to the backseat of life are the same ones who end up in cardiac care the quickest.

Ruth D~ said...

Wanda~ I can tell you're enjoying retirement. Property Management must have kept you hopping.

Barbara~ Nice analogy! I'm already busier in anticipation of retirement. I think I started frosting the cake already.

Rick~ This is the truth for sure. We're meant to keep moving . . . mind and body.

Lisa said...

Rick's comment is SO true.
That "Internet Review of Books" site looks great ~ I bookmarked it, and will keep checking it out.
Hope you're having a great Sunday, Ruth.

Eileen said...

I didn't feel so enthusiastic about retiring as i anticipated it. i simply knew it was time and i was ready to close out my school teaching years. i didn;t know what i wanted to do with "not working" time. I waited. I played my recrder , as I do, and read and walked and swam and gardened, but I missed going to a place where people were glad i was there.It took a while for me to begin to grow new relationships; to find the home school kids to teach, to begin sculpting in earnest.Now I feel awed by how much more of life there is beyond working . I like the slow unfolding.It sounds like you are going to "unfold ' a lot faster.

Ruth D~ said...

Eileen~ I'm sure I'll miss "going to a place where people were glad I was there." I've thought about that. I'll find out. :>) But it sounds like slowly unfolding was perfect for you.