Friday, November 16, 2007

"Internet Review of Books" invites you . . .

Oh what a far-reaching web we weave when first we . . . join an Internet group.

When I realized that I was getting to the age when I needed to stop saying, "Someday I'm going to write" and actually put fingers to keyboard, I looked for an online writing community.

My usual good luck led me to the Internet Writing Workshop. With encouragement and help from this warm community of writers, I began getting my essays published.


But even nicer-- the frosting on the cake-- were the friendships that developed. If you'd told me three years ago that I'd talk daily with people from all over the United States and Canada, not to mention, England, Australia, India, and Costa Rica . . . I'd never have thought it possible.

There's more.

Carter, a friend I share administrative duties with on the IWW, noticed a trend-- book review space in newspapers was being cut back. He figured he could pick up the slack, and he invited Bob, Gary and me to join him in a new publishing venture.

In less than six months from his initial inspiration, we published the first issue of the Internet Review of Books, and now the second. Please take a look, read the reviews, leave your comments and opinions. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions to help us grow in a way that will benefit our readers.

And I hope you'll be one of our readers. Maybe you'll be willing to review, or know someone who would.

In any event, thanks for letting me promote he Internet Review of Books. I find it very uncomfortable to blow my own horn, but this isn't mine. It's a group effort, editors and reviewers, and it's for you.
As with many good books, I found the ending disturbing and comforting at the same time. If you've seen the movie, you definitely need to see the book because the movie left a lot out. (unknown)


Barbara said...

Bravo to all of you. It is a great resource for any book club.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the link to that "Internet Review of Books" site, Ruth. I'm always looking for more good reading material, and that site looks like it's right up my alley.

LOVE the picture of the spider web! Beautiful!!!

Janice Thomson said...

What a great review on Grace After Midnight Ruth! However when I tried to comment an error came up saying this page could not be found.
After reading your review I must admit this book definitely piques my interest. It is amazing the strange ways that "Grace" saves us from our own stupidity.
Thanks for the link - I'll be checking it often.

Ruth D~ said...

Thank you all, and Janice . . . I'll make sure that link gets fixed. We can never have too many eyes.

sc morgan said...

Hi Ruth-- I tried twice to respond to this yesterday and failed. I still seem to be pursued by the computer poltergeists, but thank the cyber gods it didn't transmit. Can you say, spelling errors?

Anyway, I want to congratulate you and the team over at The Internet Review of Books. Such an admirable project and such interesting books you are getting. I loved your review. Nice job!

All the best from Costa Rica. s