Sunday, July 22, 2007

Real life~

I came in from the backyard when the sky was strawberry shortcake pink. My husband was watching TV.

"The sunset is gorgeous," I said.

"I can see it out the window, " he said.

"I'm going for a walk. It's too beautiful to miss."

I headed across the street, down Cobblestone Lane. No cobblestones, just macadam against my bare feet. It's a cul de sac, a half-mile down, a half-mile back. I measured once.

The sky quickly became blueberry pie and vanilla ice cream, like the juice left on your plate after a sweet summer dessert.

I walked past the place I call "milkweed heaven" where I'd reveled in the monarch's delight this morning. Where are the monarchs now? Fluttery moths and some strange red beetles with antennae had replaced them.

Kids were not quite asleep, and I heard family noises in the houses I passed. Why do the mothers sound so harsh? I'm the soft voice in my house.

The moon was half, and I was glad that the other half, although in shadow, was still there. In the "olden" days did they know that? They thought a dragon ate it. It looks like it would be a tangy mint flavor, not cheese.

A woman was walking toward me. I could tell she was "exercising" by the swing of her arms. I was sauntering, inhaling the moon.

"Hi," she said.

"How are you?" I responded.

I won't recognize her in the sunlight, but I liked her perfume.

The cricket stopped chirping when I passed, then resumed, like he had when I passed his spot earlier. I'm glad he's cautious, but I'd never hurt him. I wish he could sense that, and keep singing for me.

Back home, my husband looked up.

"It's so much better in real life than out the window," I said. Do you want a sandwich? Tuna fish?"

"With celery," he said.

More butterflies~
Butterfly kisses~

Belly up to the bar~


leslie said...

You know, sometimes it's just better experiencing something like that by yourself. No distractions, no chit chat, just you and nature - or God - and your thoughts. The ability to experience all the senses. Then go home to the one you love and who loves you. I walk alone and love it...but have only an empty house when I come home. A bit sad, but just sometimes.

Dave said...

Your description of the sky and the sunset is wonderful. How nice it is to experience the glory of nature and the canvas it puts out for our pleasure. Your soul has been given a shot of joy and now you share with us. Thank for giving me the chance to relive the same experiences in my life.
I came here from Rev. Kate site and I would love to return.

Ruth D~ said...

Hi Leslie,

I really do like the alone time. Did I sound perhaps that I was complaining about walking alone. No, I was just showing "real life." We're all so different. Alone is good for me sometimes.


Welcome! I like your canvas metaphor. And yes, it was a shot of joy. I'm on vacation for the summer, but when I commute to work, I get the glory shot from the car window. Still beautiful.

Janice Thomson said...

Gosh Ruth I just loved reading this and was right there behind you. You have a wonderfully deep affinity for Nature.

Voyager said...

I would accompany you on that walk any time! Lovely post.

Ruth D~ said...

Janice~ You didn't have to walk behind me! Step right up with me. :>) I have always loved "nature" but never thought of it in quite the words you used. An affinity . . . I like that.

Voyager~ Consider yourself cyberly invited on any walk I take. Can I do the same for the mountain climbing with you?